Haiti Shook
Josh Smith

New York New York US
18 x 24 inches
Digital Print
I heard a firsthand account of a mother's witness of the Haiti earthquake on the radio:
Stepping from her car, unbuckling her child to enter the grocery store, her shouldered cellphone signalled that the world had changed.

Thunderous sound. The phone went dead. Looking up, the store she was about to enter had become dust and wreckage. In an instant she was transported from her city, to a place of only smoke and ruins.

One second of silence and then the torturous sounds of a city screaming in pain. Cries of loved ones attempting rescue, the unbearable sound of terrified crying surrounded her and would not stop.

No one can sum up this disaster in a poster or in any work of art. We do what we can. This poster is an attempt to preserve the moment when a country shook and its weight toppled down. It is a reminder to preserve the weight of responsibility we share for our Haitian neighbours, still crying out for help.